Friday 11, Aug 2017

Rally Time is a GREAT Time for Families in Keystone!

Normally our visitors associate August with the roar of motorcycles in the Black Hills and the bikes are still coming in droves. Many of you plan your vacations or weekend getaways so that you are here before or after the rally, but with school starting earlier and earlier every year, after rally is becoming more of a challenge.  What many of you don’t know is that rally time is a great time to load up the family and head for Keystone.  Sure, the bikes are on the roads but lines at all the attractions that many of you are wanting to visit are short or non-existent.  Some of the attractions even offer discounts at this time of year.  There is also an abundance of lodging options available and you won’t get sticker shock when you book a room.  There are also many beautiful motorcycles to see on your way to and from your points of interest!  Pack your bags, load up the minivan and bring the family to Keystone!  We would love to have you!