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Friday 3, Mar 2017

Keystone water not related to recent regulatory action

KEYSTONE, S.D. -- The Keystone Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses expressed concern this week that wastewater problems at a hotel 2 miles from the city could hurt Keystone’s reputation as a clean, safe destination for Black Hills travelers.

“Keystone prides itself on taking good care of the thousands of travelers who visit our town every summer,” said Temple Estrada, executive director of the Keystone Chamber of Commerce. “Our livelihood depends on our reputation."

Problems with the private septic system at the Lodge at Mount Rushmore, on U.S. Highway 16-A near the Keystone Wye, have drawn the attention of county, state and federal environmental agencies, according to recent news stories.

The Keystone Chamber fears that these reports, coming at a time when many families are making plans for summer travel, could create the wrong impression that Keystone has a wastewater problem.
“Nothing is further from the truth,” Estrada said. “We take clean water seriously, and we want the public to understand that this has nothing to do with Keystone."

The hotel's septic system problem is an isolated incident at a private business regulated by county ordinances. It is this business, and this business alone, that has fallen out of compliance, Estrada said. It is not representative of the town of Keystone, or the area as a whole.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources recently confirmed that Keystone’s drinking water is safe. In a letter dated March 2, 2017, DENR Drinking Water Program Administrator Mark S. Mayer wrote, “For the record, the town of Keystone has met all requirements of the drinking water standards established in the federal Safe Drinking Water Act as adopted by the State of South Dakota since October 2015.”


Temple Estrada 
Keystone Chamber of Commerce
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