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A note to our summer guests

Monday 20, Mar 2017

The Keystone Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to travelers who have booked rooms with the Lodge at Mount Rushmore 2 miles north of Keystone.

The Keystone Chamber and the city of Keystone have been getting calls from people who booked rooms at the hotel. Its phones are now disconnected, and it appears the Lodge won't be opening anytime soon. Visitors have been calling us with questions.

We understand your concerns, and we want to help. Although the Lodge at Mount Rushmore was not a member of the Keystone Chamber of Commerce, the chamber wants to help you find comfortable, affordable and reliable lodging for this summer.

Our chamber members, whose lodging properties are listed on, are reliable and reputable. We urge you to contact any one of them to book rooms for this summer.

We also understand that some people might have paid in advance for their rooms. We’ve been urging them to contact their credit card companies and the state of South Dakota Consumer Protection Division. Its numbers are listed here:

800-300-1986 (in-state only)

We are so sorry that anyone who has been inconvenienced by this situation. The Keystone Chamber and our member businesses are proud of how we take care of our guests, and this in no way reflects the integrity of our business community.

Temple Estrada
Executive Director
Keystone Chamber of Commerce

KEYSTONE, S.D. -- The Keystone Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses expressed concern this week that wastewater problems at a hotel 2 miles from the city could hurt Keystone’s reputation as a clean, safe destination for Black Hills travelers.

“Keystone prides itself on taking good care of the thousands of travelers who visit our town every summer,” said Temple Estrada, executive director of the Keystone Chamber of Commerce. “Our livelihood depends on our reputation."

There’s all kinds of wildlife in the Black Hills. We have lots of bison, deer and elk. There are populations of bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Coyotes and mountain lions are around, but elusive.

But there are three species — moose, bears and wolves — that you probably won’t see see.

At least not yet.

Honor our veterans on Nov. 11

Wednesday 9, Nov 2016

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month of 1918. It's the day that World War I came to an end. The following year, Americans celebrated Armistice Day on November 11.

The Haunting of Keystone

Thursday 6, Oct 2016

The Holy Terror Days Association and the Keystone Chamber of Commerce present the 7th Annual Haunting of Keystone for three weekends in October.

The Haunting of Keystone is a family-friendly Trifecta of Terror that includes:

“The School From Hell”
“Wicked Little Zombie Miners”
“The Haunted Forest"

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